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RiiConnect24 Wallpapers

Made by Larsenv

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Wii Front Wallpapers

Made by 466

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Check Mii Out Channel Wallpapers

Made by Super from NotDiscord™

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About RiiConnect24

RiiConnect24 is a service that replaces WiiConnect24, a defunct service from Nintendo for the Wii that allowed for 24/7 standby updating of various services. For example, Mail would be sent and received via WiiConnect24 (and now RiiConnect24), that, aswell as allowing human to human contact, also allowed games to communicate, updating statistics, and friend data, while the Wii was in standby. Furthermore, the latest News and Forecast could be downloaded while in standby and when the Wii is booted, it displays on the screen, with channels that allow you to view it in further detail, aswell as many other locations in the world.

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