Q: What is RiiConnect24?

RiiConnect24 is a replacement to a defunct service for the Wii called WiiConnect24. It allowed users to exchange mail between Wiis and use fun channels such as the Forecast and News Channel. WiiConnect24 was shut down on June 28, 2013, however RiiConnect24 brings back those services.

Q: Why are you bringing WiiConnect24 back?

A lot of people missed the channels that were offered with WiiConnect24, because they were fun, innovative, unique, and had nice music. It's nice to see the online features of the Wii being brought back, especially after such a long down-time.

Q: Does RiiConnect24 allow me to play Wii games online again?

No, you are confusing this service with Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, another service that was shut down. If you want to play Wii games online again, take a look at Wiimmfi, we are affiliated with them.

Q: How do I connect to RiiConnect24?

Please see our guide at wii.hacks.guide.

Q: Do I need to mod my Wii to use this service?

Yes. However, the process of modding your Wii is pretty easy and allows you to do many other cool things with your system.

Q: Am I able to use RiiConnect24 and Wiimmfi at the same time?

Yes. Using both will give you maximum compatibility. An example of a game which uses both would be Animal Crossing Wii. You can receive DLC over RiiConnect24, and play with people online using Wiimmfi.

Q: What services have been brought back?

Check our stats page for information on our services that we have brought back.

Q: Does RiiConnect24 work on Dolphin Emulator?

Following the merger of RiiConnect24 and WiiLink, you can utilize RiiConnect24 services on Dolphin (including Wii Mail) by enabling WiiLink24 in the Dolphin settings. See the WiiLink website for further information.

Q: What's the meaning behind the name of the service?

Our name is a pun on the WiiConnect24 name, as we are "re-connecting" you to WiiConnect24.

Q: How can I help out with RiiConnect24?

Our code is open source on GitHub. If you have coding skills, helping out is appreciated.

Q: Do you guys have a Discord server?

Yes. Here is the invite.

Q: I need help! How can I get support?

Either join our Discord server or e-mail [email protected].

Q: Do you take donations?

Donations are appreciated. We use them to cover our server costs. If you want to donate, check our donation page.