Important things to note about testing



Selenium instructions

Running Acceptance (Functional) Tests with Selenium requires a standalone selenium server on your machine. The server can be downloaded from here. Before starting your Selenium Tests you have to run the standalone server: java -jar selenium-server-standalone-2.32.0.jar. Writing Selenium Tests requires you to extend the OpenCartSeleniumTest class.

Please READ!

The tests are still under development, there is hundreds of them to do.

The tests will drop and recreate tables in database specified in config.php and admin/config.php

Jenkins Users

You will also see a build.xml file inside the project root which you can use to configure a Jenkins build.

We need you

If you understand testing, then you know how important it is to any project. If you have a suggestion then we would really like to hear it!

Forum thread:

Please help by contributing to writing unit tests and submitting a pull request!