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RiiConnect24 News/Forecast Channel Fix Tutorial

This is only for the Wii.

If you get one of the following for the RiiConnect24 News/Forecast Channel this tutorial will tell you how to fix this:

  1. Discontinued Message
  2. Coming Soon Message
  3. NEWS/FORE000001
  4. NEWS/FORE000003
  5. NEWS/FORE000005
  6. NEWS/FORE000099

This won't fix the following things but we have put tips on how to fix them.

  1. NEWS/FORE000006: This means the downloaded data the Wii gets is invalid. You will have to wait until we fix this.
  2. 107245: This means that your Wii IOS isn't patched. You can use the instructions here to patch this.
  3. 117404: This is HTTP Error 404 Not Found. You might have set your Wii to a language that isn't supported by RiiConnect24 yet. Please wait on that.

  1. Please download WiiXplorer.
  2. Load it from the Homebrew Channel.
  3. Go to Start.
  4. Go to Boot Settings.
  5. Go to NAND Write Access.
  6. Select Yes.
  7. Select Accept.
  8. Select Go Back twice.
  9. Go to the corner where there's a USB Icon or SD Icon. Select that.
  10. Select NAND.
  11. Select Title.
  12. Select 00010002.
  13. Now select one of the following depending on your Region and your Channel.
  14. Select Data.
  15. Hover over wc24dl.vff.
  16. Press the Plus Button on your Wii Remote. Or the Z Button on your GameCube Controller.
  17. Select Delete.
  18. Select Yes.
  19. Press the HOME Button on your Wii Remote.
  20. Select Menu.
  21. Select Wii Menu.
  22. Try loading the Channels up again. If you still can't access these Channels please talk to us on Discord (the link's on our home page) and we will try to help you fix this.