Mii Editor

You can use this tool called "My Avatar Editor" to make and edit Miis. You need Adobe Flash Player 10 or higher.

Flash Player 10 is required for My Avatar Editor ™

Get Adobe Flash Player

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Note: Replace "http://www.myavatareditor.com/" with "https://rc24.xyz/goodies/mii/" to get a working avatar link.

Install for Desktop

It's possible to install My Avatar Editor on your computer. Follow these instructions:
  1. Download and install Adobe AIR.
  2. Download MyAvatarEditor.air, but don't open it yet.
  3. Set your computer's clock sometime before October 31, 2017. If you don't do this step, Adobe AIR will say the installer file is damaged.
  4. Open MyAvatarEditor.air and install it.
  5. Set your computer's clock to the latest time now.

You can now open My Avatar Editor whenever you want. Miis with the file extension ".mae" will now be associated with the application.