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Donating to RiiConnect24.

RiiConnect24 is now accepting donations, and will be giving perks for doing so.

What are the perks?

Perks of Donation

Discord Perks

You will have a role that shows you as a clear donator, aswell as a private donator area.

Custom Wii Mail Templates

You will be able to use mail using special donator-only templates (all messages will be subject to moderation before sending).

Expedited Support

Need help? Developers are at hand! We will help you personally with expedited support.

Donator Credits List

If your donation exceeds €12, you will be added to the donator list on this website due to you paying for a month of RiiConnect24's VPS bill.

List of RiiConnect24 Donators

These are people who have donated enough to cover a month of our VPS to us.

  • patrickb78

If you wish to support us via donations, please see our donation page!