DNS Change

On June 1, 2023, RiiConnect24 will be deprecating the old server used to provide DNS services ( and you can no longer connect to RiiConnect24 using that DNS. Additionally, that DNS is used by some people to enjoy games online using Wiimmfi using Wii or DS. You will have to change the DNS on that as well. In order to continue using RiiConnect24, you must change your DNS to the following on your Wii and/or DS...

Primary DNS:
Secondary DNS:

Thank you for the continued support of RiiConnect24.

P.S. Be sure to join our Discord to receive important updates regarding RiiConnect24, as we are no longer using Twitter as a form of communication because of the state of the platform because of Elon Musk and other reasons.

P.P.S. Our website needs a revamp, we're gonna try to have it revamped to give it a nice fresh coat of paint.